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澳门送彩金的网站:Baotuan heating funds next year continue to speculate growth performance of the White Horse stocks confirmed

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内容摘要: two cities on Wednesday to maintain the shock of running pattern in early trading, drivenInsurance , Bankweight plates and slightly stronge...

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two cities on Wednesday to maintain the shock of running pattern in early trading, driven Insurance , Bank weight plates and slightly stronger, and today's intraday White Horse Unit sought after funds again in the morning to do more emotional still relatively strong, However, as the small bills continued to be suppressed in the afternoon, the small and medium-term highs continued to weaken and showed a state of downward volatility throughout the day, causing the central part of the index to decline again after . Plate, affected by continued price increases of natural gas, natural gas sector led the gains today, the two cities, along with another Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines recently hit a new high, civil aviation airport plate strength, Yonghui Supermarket out of the sun Bao Yin, the new retail sector disk sudden emergence, but also to promote the market a wave of popularity, but the leading 5G has led the previous and the concept of domestic chips is once again weakened, the market hot plate once again rotate, grasp the difficulty of re-increase.

With the recent shrinkage in the market, the turnover of many small-cap stocks has been sluggish, with even flashbacks. Today's intraday national technology , Ruijie , CGA and other movers scary, the current valuation level, from the original small ticket liquidity premium discount to par and the process has not ended . Since the beginning of this year, this liquidity change pattern in the A-share market has been characterized by its resilience to independent value-added blue chips of the White Horse with value growth. These small votes are subject to pressure from performance or valuation . Market speculation is bound to cause the process of switching back and forth is bound to change the index volatility, coupled with some of the negative is not conducive to the small pledge, such as regulatory issues are commonplace, repeated small checks have been suppressed, so we have to grasp the current hot market, the wrong direction, the probability of significant loss increase.

Technically, the Shanghai Composite Index finished lower and retreated again. Despite the heavy volume pull-up in the late session, the overall weakness remained weak. The market today has no choice to go straight up, but rather it is over the short-term moving average. Indicating that the current market, whether financial or emotional side are more cautious. However, the indicator below has Jincha trend, post-volume up just around the corner. GEM yin yang posters, small votes once again suppressed, late in the 10-day moving average to maintain the shock near the increase of the chance.

Source Investment Advisory said: On Wednesday, the trend of the two cities slightly diverged, small and medium-term shocks showed a downward shock throughout the day, the Shanghai Composite Index under pressure after the impact of 3300 points, the afternoon trend is weak, the disk to wine and appliances as the representative Of the White Horse shares once again sought after by the funds, civil aviation airports, natural gas, new retail concepts stronger, but the observation of the disk in recent days can be seen that the persistence of the problem still exists, the market hot funds only Baotuancai white, operation On the proposed low-suction pre-adjustment White Horse, give up the hot wheel rotation. (Source: The source of investment adviser)

Further reading

speculation earnings growth next year still have to determine the White Horse Unit

Huatai Securities that: the end of overseas funds cash earnings, resulting in a lot of money this year to adjust the white horse sector Increase. Although the short-term rebound in the bottom trend, but the amount can not cooperate, it is recommended cautious bargain-hunting. For next year's style, more differentiated, after the year-end adjustment, the White Bulls went to a suitable position, or next year to speculate on the growth of certain performance growth of White Horse stocks, such as wine, 5G and other industries; that the performance of GEM At the same time the valuation has been 20 times the following high-quality varieties can be slowly combing, you can pay attention. (Source: Huatai Securities)

Which Whitehorse stocks will continue to rise

After the recent round of adjustment, Whitehorse stocks generally fell by 10% -20%. White stock may rise broad phase has passed, the performance of the future does not support the White Horse stocks, may be quite a period of time can not exceed the previous highs. However, those companies with high performance growth, after experiencing this adjustment, will resume their share price and continue to hit new highs. The future of the White Horse Unit, focused on various sub-sectors of the leading. This is the same strain as the development path of our current real estate industry. In short, the future leader of all segments may become Whitehorse shares. (Source: money begets money)

white horse-related funds

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2017-12-19





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